EINSTEIN 314: Expertise Based on Experience

EINSTEIN 314 stands out from the rest with our many life-times of experience in the field of ENERGY/NUMEROLOGY and a caring, highly professional approach. The breadth of our knowledge and services we offer are sure to please even the most discerning of customers.


It's not my job to prove to the world that I am the true Einstein who died in 1955. If you stick around and listen to everything I have to say, it will leave you no choice to think, "How could he not be Einstein." The choice is yours.

"FACTS" About Everett Pierce

Don't let this hansome face fool you. I am a highly intelligent person who has worked long and hard for numerous of life times of accompishments and acheivements in the field of ENERGY, NUMBERS, and EVOLUTION.


FACT 1: "E=MC2"


E   "Everett"

=  "Equals or belongs to"

M   "Mary [Everett's mothers name]"
C   "Child"

2   "2nd born"


"E"verett = "M"ary's "C"hild 2 == E=MC2


As Einstein, I had to come up with a formula that best describes ENERGY's Advance numerology and the universe as well as give people a hint as to my next reincarnation. You can say it's our signature that ties it back to us [Like a water mark].


But don't be so quick to believe me yet. Be sure to look at all the facts surrounding me then decide if I am telling the truth.




 Be sure to use this "DUCK" method for findIing true answers.


FOR EXAMPLE: If it looks, sounds, feels, taste, smells like a DUCK then chances are It's a DUCK! Quack Quack! You must look at all the evidence and put it all together to make your assessment as to find out if I am telling you the truth. It's called a Fact finding mission.


I can't make or force anyone think or believe in any particular thing, BUT I can bring the facts to you and show you beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a fact wither you like the facts or not. Some people hate being slapped with the truth of things. If they except it as being true, then they are forced to to rethink life and also change the ways in which they do things.


The UNITED STATES court is set up using this method. Each parties present their facts,  the facts that prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt "Duck Method."