Number Analysis Service Fees

Number Analysis: Birthdays, Calendar dates, ETC ... using "E=MC2"


  •     $100 "Basic" Advance Number Analysis [Findings delivered in a PDF via Email]
  •     $200 "Beyond Basic" Advance Number Analysis 
  •     $314 "Ultimate" Advance Number Analysis 

[You will receive your "Ultimate Numbers Analysis" original copies & signed/dated by me, Everett Pierce]



NOTE 1: All numbers analysis are done by hand and NOT computer generated


NOTE 2: Basic Advance and Beyond The Basic results in a PDF file are sent via "EMAIL" for birthdays and dates. Any other dates or numbers, you receive a copy of the results via "POSTAL MAIL"


NOTE 3: You will be notified with the ETA of your number analysis. If you chose option $314 "Ultimate" - Number Analysis, you will be required to sign for them upon postal delivery.


NOTE 4: Social Security numbers, Drivers License numbers, etc... must be given over the phone to Everett Pierce personally and NOT "Emailed" It's for your security and protection of your sensitive personal information. Once the analysis is complete, that information is destroyed by burning the paper with the information!


NOTE 5: The above prices are for each set of numbers or date.



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